In case anyone was wondering, the anecdotes and opinions expressed in this bloggestry in no way reflect the organizations, religious affiliations, or any other knuckleheads that may inadvertently come to be affiliated with it. Ha. Knuckleheads. In order to protect the identities of anyone and everyone, all names aside from the author’s have been changed to Kabir Daya.

This means that everyone involved with anything found on A Million Inches Delicious has been blessed with the protective moniker of Kabir Daya. This does NOT mean that anyone born with the name Kabir Daya is in any way or at all affiliated with AMID. I like the name Kabir Daya. It is a cold glass of nomial chocolate milk and I have selfishly and arbitrarily chosen it for my entertainment and the amusement of others. Plus, Jesus was already taken. Fuck the Bible.


One Response to “Are You Kabir Daya?”

  1. snstauffer said

    How do I buy a copy of your book “A Million Inches Delicious”?

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